Business Representation USA

Set growth levers through partnership

Expand into the US market

Establish feasibility of market expansion to offer services or products in the US.

Connect with investors and venture capitalists who could bring in the funding to take your business to the next level.

Take the right steps to unlock the possibilities in the US market from strategy to setting up the right processes to seeing success.

Leverage the right strategy

Define and institute the right customer facing strategy that provides the pathway to growth

Step up marketing

Establish the right marketing mix that is founded on local knowledge

Establish sales channels

Connect with local sales talent who will enable your path to revenue

Provide quality service

Take advantage of personalized, timely customer service

Get full business representation

As your representative in the US, we will take care of the details so that you don't have to worry about it

Handle administration

Streamline back office processes like accounting, legal, and taxes

Get full commitment

Ensure full responsibility for representing your company in the US

Enjoy long term value

Take advantage of a fast, affordable solution that is forward looking

Ensure Success

From planning to execution to funding, rest assured that a solid, secure foundation for US market success is ready to go

Prepare in detail

Put in place the right amount of planning and preparation

Define the right steps

Conduct detailed market evaluation that will inform your strategy

Get an effective solution

Gain from faster solution that is based on your mid-term and long-term goals