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Deliver Measurable Results

Managing uncertainty
Founded by Jay Nair, a well-regarded business leader in the global technology services industry, Six Booth helps small to mid-sized companies achieve sustainable growth and profits.
Six Booth enables companies to fast track growth through a partner-enabled and process-driven model that aligns technology and operations and taps into innovation.
Case In Point

From 10 people
to 150 million!


Successfully faced two recessions and emerged stronger
As COO, Jay successfully led this IT services company from inception to growth. Soon after the company was formed came the dotcom crisis. Everyone else hunkered in place. But with Jay at the helm, the company made the bold decision to invest and focus on growth, a strategy that worked extremely well. When the 2008 recession came along, the processes and structures that had been established enabled the company to continue its transformation journey.


Breakthrough growth and accolades followed
The decision was made to scale up competencies and solution development. Several new products were created for the healthcare and insurance sectors, among others. This initiative served as the foundation for rapid growth and several awards: Fast 50, Fast 500, Inc. 500 Hall Of Fame (sole entrant) among others. Jay’s strategies ensured that the company was positioned for long-term growth and sustained profitability. Initiated offshoring and nearshoring strategies via new delivery centers in India and later in the Asia Pacific and Latin America. Stepped up delivery operations by bringing in top talent and further strengthening processes.
Aligned customer facing functions and support functions into cohesive units that meet customer needs. Implemented an entrepreneurial work culture that emphasized operational flexibility and results orientation. Jay successfully managed the transition to a digital transformation solutions based business model. Under Jay’s leadership, high performing sales teams drove breakthrough performance.


The results spoke for themselves
Grew annual revenue from $2 million to $100 million in under ten years. Ramped up the team from 10 to 3,000 employees in the same period.

Mission &

Our Mission

Mentoring senior executives to increase value by stepping up business agility for taking on digital disruptions
Creating value for internal and external stakeholders has become the primary challenge for companies across the globe. Six Booth helps companies take on this challenge.

Our Vision

Staying ahead of rapidly changing customer preferences, industry and market changes, and disruption in technology
Today’s business environment has become increasingly dynamic where change is the only constant. Managing change and staying ahead is where Six Booth is focused.